Rates & Info

Room Rates
(not including engineer)

Please contact us for current studio rates.



House engineer: David Pollock (Wild Ones, Tango Alpha Tango, Sea Wolf, B.o.B)
Please contact for rates

Assistant engineers are available for an hourly rate.

We welcome freelance engineers, who charge their own rate on top of our room rate. For engineers who have not worked here before, we require two things: a phone conversation to verify their proficiency, and an assistant engineer to be present the entire first day of your session, billed to the client at the rate of $200/day.  The purpose of this is to familiarize your engineer with our setup, and answer any questions that come up throughout the day.  This is required during an engineer’s first day at Supernatural, and is designed to help your session run smoothly.


Analog Tape

Studio A is equipped with a Studer A800 2″ 24-track recorder, and we use it frequently. New reels of ATR tape can be purchased locally for around $320, or a house reel can be rented for $50 per project.  Engineers are responsible for aligning machines for their sessions.  We can align the tape decks for outside engineers if they prefer, for a small fee.

Studio A offers a 1/2″ 2-track Ampex ATR 102 mixdown deck. 1/2″ ATR tape can be purchased locally for around $100/reel, or rented from us for $50/project (includes as many reels as needed.  Must be digitally transferred before the end of session).



A 50% deposit is required to confirm dates. This is refundable if the session is cancelled 30 or more days in advance of the session start.  If you need to reschedule with less than 30 days notice we’ll do our best to accommodate.